Salt Chlorination

The salt electrolysis system is a new method for the sterilization of pool water, which provides multiple benefits to owners and swimmers.
  • it does not irritate the skin and eyes giving a pleasant sensation to the body of the swimmer. 
  • The water doesn't have the usual smell of chlorine.
  • Pool maintenance is easier and quicker without the daily stress of chlorine measurement.
  • It achieves continuous production of chlorine by only adding salt once each season.
  • Salt chlorination by electrolysis is considered one of the most environmentally method of disinfection. 
Salt Chlorination method for the sterilization of pool water


Ichlor salt chlorine generator uses common salt to produce all the chlorine pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically.

Its basic characteristics are:

  • Compact design
  • Controls are simple and protected be cover
  • It is suitable for private and public pools up to 75m3
  • Removable cell.
  • High chlorine production, 21 gr/hour.
  • Polarity switching which is very effective especially for waters with high calcium concentration. 
  • 6.000 hours blade life.
  • Flow switch control
  • Vertically or horizontally mounting.



USA company Hayward 's disinfection system (via electrolysis of salt) Aquarite - pro, is the technological evolution of all systems chlorinating a pool. It is suitable for all types of pools especially public pools. It includes a self-cleaning electrode chamber so as to increase the life of the electrodes and reduce maintenance costs. It has 3 sizes of available cells to fit about the size of your pool is.

Reference                   Chlorine production           Pool Volume            Connection

Aquarite-pro-60E                9.97 gr/hour                        60m3                       1 1/2''

Aquarire-pro-95E                18.51 gr/hour                       95m3                       1 1/2''

Aquarite-pro-150E               27.78 gr/hour                      150m3                      2''

In addition with sense and dispense system model the AquaRite pro will automatically regulate the chlorine production avoiding the extra chlorinme amount by keeping an ideal water pH.


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