Special Offers

-------- PRIVATE POOL Special offer  ------- 

Special offer on the 4 x 8m or 3.5 x 9m private pool at 14.000 € with the following characteristics:

  • Skeleton of reinforced concrete
  • Final lining with Italian Flag or Germany  Elbe linner accompanied by a certificate of drinkable water .
  • Compact machine filtration and recirculation
  • Led projector
  • Stainless steel 3-step ladder


This price includes:

  • The integrated construction of the pool
  • The excavation works only for Argolida
  • The pool copings and their placement
  • The engineer's study and drawing for low scale builiding works of a construction permit in accordance with the new building codes
  • A set of accessories


----- POOL UPGRADE SPECIAL OFFER FOR  for Hotel Owners ------ 

The following offers concern the issues of water disinfection , lighting , aesthetics and cleanliness of the pool.
1) The disinfection system via electrolysis salt Aquarite-pro by Hayward (USA), is the technological evolution of all systems in regards to chlorinating pools . It is suitable for all types of pools . It includes a self-cleaning electrode chamber as to increase the life of the electrodes and to reduce maintenance costs .

Also, for small pools up to 75m3 the i - Chlor  system by Pentair, works in conjunction with the temperature of the pool water to minimize the consumption of salt when the water temperature is low and shuts down when the water temperature drops below 80c. Like "Aquarite-pro", "i - Chlor" is very easy to install and operates autonomously in dispensing salt into your pool .

The chlorination systems through salt provide multiple benefits to the owners and swimmers :

  •  It does not irritate the skin and eyes giving a pleasant feeling for all swimmers .
  •  The water does not have the usual smell of chlorine.
  •  The pool maintenance is done easily and quickly not having to deal with the daily stress of measuring the chlorine level
  •  It achievess continuous production of chlorine by adding salt only once per season
  •  Chlorination with salt electrolysis is considered the most environmental friendly method of disinfection

      Hayward profesional chlrorinator         Salt chlorination System


For more information click here : Chlorination with Salt

Special Offer Prices:

  1. Aqarite pro 150 m3                                1.580 € - 25% + VAT
  2. i - Chlor 75 m3                                          715 € - 25% + VAT
  3. Automatic pH regulator                            537 € - 30% + VAT

2 ) Change your pool lights ... LED lights(Light-Emitting Diode) have great economy in operation and are capable of many colors thanks to mixing color combinations of red , green and blue, giving a different uniform lighting. Unlike ordinary bulbs which have a lifespan of 500 hours , LED lamps have a lifespan of at least 100,000 hours. In addition they have a low power consumption (21W-50W), being ideal for lighting your pool . They install easily to the existing underwater pool light. The results are impressive ...

Special Offer Prices:

  1. Led bulb PAR 56 RGB 18 W                             83 € -25% + VAT
  2. Led bulb PAR 56 Cool or warm White 15 W    35 € -25% + VAT
  3. Led bulb PAR 56 Cool or warm White 20 W    43 € -30% + VAT

3) The latest innovation in cleaning ...
The Evac - pro is the new model of automatic pool cleaners by Hayward. It is suitable for every type of end surface (measuring up to 7m x 14m) and is programmed not only to clean the bottom of the pool but also the perimeter walls and angles . All contribute to a perfect result . The Evac - pro robot has the option of a short or full cleaning cycle, featuring a new hydrodynamic design, a glass front for visual inspection of filters and a low operating voltage for low energy consumption .

Hayward cleaning robot Aqua vac proHayward cleaning robot Aqua vac

Special Offer Prices :

  1. Robot pool Evac pro  bottom and walls               1.180 € - 30% + VAT
  2. Robot pool Shark Vac XL plus bottom and walls  1.025 € - 30% + VAT
  3. Robot pool Evac  bottom only                                 780 € - 30% + VAT 

For more information click here : Automatic Vacuum Cleaners


------- Special Offers for Spas ------

Oasis Series Model OS 300 1,9 X 1,9 m, whirlpool (5 settings) with 40 jets at the incredible price of 5.450 € + VAT + transport and installation

All seas spas OS 300


Oasis Series Model OS 500 2,4 X 2,3 m, whirlpool (6 setrings) with 67 jets at the spectacular price of 7.650 € + VAT + Transport and installation.

All seas spas OS 500 


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