A relaxing massage in a hot spa!! You can really enjoy the benefits of a hydrotherapy in our spas! Install an Allseas Spa in your garden or on the terrace for daily use in winter and summer. All you need to do to enjoy the stimulating and relaxing massage with hot water is to enter the spa. After bathing, the fatigue and stress of the day will disappear, and you will have a peaceful night. We have known the therapeutic benefits of hot water for centuries. With every bath you can reduce the pain and inflammation of your joints. The power of the water jets can be adjusted from a calm and soothing stream into a powerful massage to relax tired and sore muscles. Therefore, the body eliminates the muscular pain faster. This helps the blood flow to reach all extremities and reduces the pressure on your heart. All our spas are ergonomically designed so that your body adopts the most comfortable position while the stimulating water does its job.

Our company cooperates with the Dutch company  Allseas and carries its Allseas Spas, some features of which are:

  • Comfortable Design - The Allseas Spas are ergonomically designed, they have comfortable cushions, matching your body with deep seats and plenty of legroom.
  • Pleasant massage - with hydro-massage it relaxes your muscles.
  • Clean water - All water is filtered via a solenoid valve with extra suction, using an Aquapure management system, saving time, using less chemicals,  needing less maintenance, and not irritating the eyes while being gentle to the skin.
  • Energy efficient - with a very good, high insulation cover, durable, with a floating lid which reduces evaporation, saving energy. With side insulation bags keeping heat inside and eliminating heat loss by maximizing heat retention.


Allseas Spas provide you with:

  • 25 years of warranty on the frame
  • 7 years warranty on the acrylic surface
  • 2 years warranty on the electromechanical equipment


Allseas  has a great selection of spas with 16 different models, depending on the needs and requirements of each client. The following models are  only a sample of the product line.


Oasis Series OS 200SPA 2-3 ΑΤΟΜΩΝ

- up to 2-3 people
- Capacity 767 liters
- Dimensions: 1.450  Χ  2.10 Χ 0.74 meters
- 33 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 1 two speed pump  3,0 HP
- Cover 12cm thickness
- Heating 3KW




Oasis series OS 300 All seas spa OS 300

- up to 5 people
- Capacity 1161 liters
- Dimensions: 1.90 Χ 1.90 Χ 0.82 meters
- 40 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 2 Pumps 2speed 3HP and 5HP
- 12cm thick
- Heating 3KW
- LED waterfall




Oasis series OS 500SPA 5 ΑΤΟΜΩΝ 

- up to 6 people
- Capacity 1800 liters
- Dimensions: 2.40 Χ 2.30 X 0.92 meters
- 67 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 2 Pumps 2speed 3HP and 1 0.5HP
- 12 cm cover
- Heating 3KW
- LED waterfall


Allseas also has a more luxurious series spas, called Platinum series spas, with an equally wide range of products in spas with 6 different models. The following two models are a sample:


Platinum Series PS 500 All seas spa PS 500

- 4 seats and 2 recliners
- Capacity 1800 liters
- Dimensions: 2.3m Χ 2.4m Χ 0.92m
- 77 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 2 Pumps 3HP and 1 pump at 0.5HP
- Blower and aromatherapy
- Heating 3KW
- Double insulation
- LED waterfall





Platinum Series PS 600SPA 7-8 ΑΤΟΜΩΝ

- 7 seats and 1 recliner
- Capacity 2500 liters
- Dimensions: 3.3m Χ 2.33m Χ 0.98m
- Number of whirlpool ports: 86
- Ozone disinfection system
- 2 Pumps 2speed at 3HP, 1 pump at 3HP and 1 pump at 0.5HP
- Blower
- Heating 3KW.




Completing Allseas spas product lineup we also have 2 different series with Swim spa, the Ocean Dream 1 & 2. Here are 2 models, 1 from each series:


Swim spa  Arctic 44  SWIM SPA

- 1 seat and 1 recliner
- Capacity 7200 liters
- Dimensions: 4.4m Χ 2.25m Χ 1.52m
- 31 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 4 Pumps 3HP
- Heating 3KW
Reverse swimming system
- Perimeter LED lighting






Swim Spa OD 58SWIM SPA

- 5 seats  and 1 recliner
- Capacity 6.500 λίτρα
- Dimensions: 5.8m X 2.25m X 1.27m
- 64 massage nozzles
- Ozone disinfection system
- 8 pumps 3 ΗΡ
- Heating 2 χ 3 Kw
- Reverse swimming system
- Perimeter LED lighting
- Sports equipment





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