Undrer the cooperation with T & A Belgium you have the oppurtunity to choose the slats cover that fits to your pool.

Quality Product

  • High grade stainless steel 316L
  • Choice of electrical motors with 24V safety voltage and hydraulic motors.
  • User-friendly controls with LCD screen and Pug-and-play remote control for optimal ease

Slats material PVC and PC

Slats are available in Pvc and polycaronate (Pc) which has enhanced UV-resistance. PC Slats are much more resistant to weather condittions thanks to superior properties of the raw material. These sustainable PC slats are available in transparent, solar and "aluminium look" version.

 The Pvc and Pc slats are also available as a SOLAR variant with a transparent top layer and a black bottom layer to absord sunrays. This ecological way to heating up your pool, with an average increase of 4o to 8o  C, is not only good for the enviromaent, but also for your wallet.

Underwater Slats covers

            Underwater mount in Pit                                 Underwater mount in stairs

Under water slats cover in pit        Under water cover in the stairs

The slats are rolled up in a space inside the wall. The slats are rolled up in a pit hidden under the first step of the stairs

           Underwater mount in bottom                          Underwater mount on the bottom

Under water slat cover in the bottom      Underwater slat cover on the bottom

The slats are rolled up in the bottom of the pool.    The slats are rolled up at the bottom of the pool.


         Underwater mount in the wall                                    Top mount above the ground

Underwater slat cover in the wall                 Above ground slat cover

The slats are rolled up in a spase inside the wall.  Top mount housing with finishing in wood or PVC in an alu frame


Slat pool cover    Slat pool cover



It is worth choosing a pool cover for two main reasons. Firstly because you want a product that is safe, so as to prevent small children and pets from falling into the pool. Also you want a cover, which protects the pool from any dust and dirt that gather in the wind. This is an additional advantage. Our company's  protective pool cover meets both these requirements.
The protective pool covers not only keep the pool clean, but also minimize water loss due to evaporation. They also reduce the usage of chemical cleaning products on the pool. The protective pool cover is nearly identical to the winter pool cover used to protect from dirt. However there is a basic difference between these two. The winter pool cover protects from dirt but does not provide safety from falling for humans and animals.


Piscinity safety automatic covers


Piscinity winter covers Piscinity winter covers



The insulated pool cover maintains  a constant water temperature for your pool, saving energy, particularly in heated pools.

Thermal pool covers Thermal pool covers


Domes Domes